Monday, 8 December 2014

Pre-Midwinter Notes

Eventually leave Charlie's house at 8:00am, after a 'quick pint' the night before turns into the opposite. Luke and Ray head off one way, Ian and me another. One of those bright and chilly December days. Bright sun blazing, slightly sunset-coloured on Wild Park on the hill. Are we really this far up Lewes Road? I eventually make it home about 10am. I sleep for five hours. That night, at Al's, I only drink three beers, and am unsurprisingly subdued.
We won the pub quiz last night.
Monday now. I have a slight headache. A sore throat. The precursor of a cold. I sit here in bed, listening to the sound of a saw or something. Some back garden piece of machinery. There was a dog barking a minute ago. Sunlight on the houses across the gardens.
Everything is so deep in December and wintry.
I imagine this is the kind of day I might find a lost area of woodland in a place I pass every day, or a secret room in a house - perhaps this one - I have known for years.